CordrySweetwater Anglers Club

A summary. In 2013 the club stopped keeping stats. As the fishing got worse we needed to lower the size limit to 12" in hopes of keeping the club tournaments enjoyable. (therefor the stats wouldn't match up)

A 7 year decline

 The graph below shows the average catch rate per single boat per tournament.  In 2008 the catch was 2.5 bass @ 4.5 pounds.  In 2012 it has dropped to 1.3 fish @ 2.1 lbs. for a 6 hour event.  A 50% drop in productivity!

.The stat below shows the # of boats and what they caught the last 7 years. Highest total weight is 2006 at 696 pounds.  Lowest total weight is 2012 at 217 pounds. Highest number of fish caught 2006  404. Lowest number of fish caught, 2012 at 132 Most boats, 2006 at 183.  Fewest  boats, 2012 at 102.