CordrySweetwater Anglers Club

Rules/By Laws

Cordry / Sweetwater Tournament Rules 2020

1.       Participants: Participants need to be in a current CSCD stickered boat to fish. You don’t need to be a member of the anglers club to fish.
2         Tournament Entry Fees:  Entry fees will be $30 per boat* with (2) fisherman in the boat and $20 per boat with a single person in the boat, this also includes the Big Bass pot. 
3         Scoring: Scoring will be on a 100-point scoring system. Teams that don’t weigh in any fish will receive 50 points. Team captain will receive points toward the Angler of the Year (AOY). AOY will be determined by the Tue night champ vs the USABassin champ at the Classic. To receive the actual AOY award, you must be a club member.
4         Ties:  A tie in the Tue night divi will be broken at the Classic. Ties in a regular season event will be combined and the pot split.
5         Start Procedure:  All points events will be started by a number draw and single file. The highest number drawn will be the starter. The Classic will start in AOY order of finish.
6         No Live Bait: Artificial bait only.  6a When sight (bed) fishing, Bass must be hooked with bait inside the mouth.
7         Trolling: Trolling with the use of a combustible engine as a method of fishing is prohibited.
8         Boat and Motor: Boats must have all required Coast Guard safety equipment and must have a motor within rating limits. Random checks may be made at the beginning of the tournament regarding safety equipment such as life jackets, kill switches…etc
9         Short Fish Penalties: A courtesy measurement will be allowed prior to the weigh-in. If an angler wishes a courtesy bump, he may ask another participant in the tournament for it. Courtesy bumps will NOT be done at or near the weigh-in scales. If a participant brings a short fish to the scales, there will be a 1 lb. penalty (per fish) deducted from the participant’s total weight.
10     Limits: The number of bass and size limit will be determined by the event. Culling must be done before returning to the ramp at the end of the tournament. Anyone bringing in more than the stated limit will have there sack culled to the limit starting with there biggest fish. 

11     Dead Fish Penalty: There will be a 1/2 lb. penalty per dead fish.  1/2 lb. penalty WILL apply toward the big bass pot.
12     Late to weigh-in: Participants need to return to the ramp at the designated time to finish the tournament and receive points. There will be a 1 lb. per minute penalty for late participants. After 5 minutes the angler will be disqualified. If you leave the event early, let another angler know so we don’t come looking for you.
13     Live well Inspection: Boats must have a live well, either built into the boat or portable live wells must have some type of pump or circulator to keep fish alive. Prior to the boat launch, live wells will be checked. 
14     Sportsmanship: All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and conservation. Drunkenness shall be cause for immediate disqualification. NO alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs shall be allowed in the boats during the tournament hours extending through the close of the weigh-in. Please be respectful of dock owner’s and their personal property.
15     Off-Limits: The lake is off limits for fishing on the day of the tournament. The area on Sweetwater between the buoys and the beach rope is always a NO FISHING AREA. Any other NO Fishing zones will be discussed before the event.
16     State Rules: All State and CSCD rules and regulations must be followed.
17     Refusal of Membership: The Club reserves the right to refuse membership and/or entry into any event.
18     Tournament DAY Cancellation Policy: The Club will make all efforts to run the schedule as advertised up to and including delaying the start time of an event. If a Saturday event is CX it will be moved to the next morning (Sunday). If THAT event can’t be completed on Sunday it will be moved to the following Saturday then Sunday. If only one lake is unusable the other lake will be utilized. The Tournament DAY CX policy doesn’t apply to schedule changes well in advance of an event.
19     Classic Rules: Entry into the Classic will be based on your finish in the Tue night league. Top 2 get free entry then $5 a boat every place after that to a max of $40 per boat. Non qualified boats (less than 10 events fished) have a 100$ buy in.

20     Protest policy: Any protest that can’t be resolved between anglers must be presented to the tournament committee in writing before the close of the weight in.

21     Every angler that wants to be eligible for a plaque or fish in an event where money is donated must be a club member.





CSAC Constitution/By Laws

Article 1

The name of the club shall be the Cordry Sweetwater Anglers Club (CSAC)

Article 2

Mission Statement


The purpose of the club is to foster interest in fishing. We intend to accomplish this by…

1. Encouraging members to participate in various fishing events.

2. Supplying information about fishing and fishing techniques to members.

3. Instructing and aiding members in the art of angling.

4. Sponsoring competition and other activities to keep members interest stimulated

5. Promoting “ethical fishing”

6. Assisting and encouraging the youth of our community t participate in the enjoyment of angling.

7. Doing volunteer work to improve fish habitat.

To the above listed items we dedicate our efforts, and accept the responsibility and challenge of promoting interest in safe fishing activities. i

Article 3

Qualifications of Members


A qualifiying member of the CSAC is a member that meets the following criteria.

1. Members must be lot owners, or an immediate family member of said lot owner in the CSCD

2. Organizational dues must be paid and current as defined in the by-laws.

3. Member must be in good standing.

Article 4

Officers, elections and duties


Eligibility to hold an office, a member must, ii

1. Have been a member for 10 months,

2. Have attended at least half of the club functions in the last year,

3. Have shown an active interest in all club activities,

4. Be in good standing at time of election.

CSAC Executive committee

1. Four members elected by the active membership as follows;

President, Vice President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer,

2. Terms of office shall be for one year with a limit of three consecutive terms in one office, Unless running unopposed.

3. Election of officers will be held at the annual business meeting of the club, which will be held the 2nd Tuesday of January. iii The Executive Board shall constitute the nominations from the floor, the Recording Secretary shall cast the election ballot for the nominees. In the event of more than one nominee for an office, the election shall be by ballot,

4. The CSAC will operate on a fiscal year beginning in January. iv

Article 5


Duties of the Executive Board

The Executive Board composed of the officers of the CSAC shall attend to the affairs of the club between business meetings, fix when necessary times and place of meetings, act as a clearing house for the business which needs to be presented to the club and perform such duties as are, or may be, specified in the rules or by order of the club.

Acts and rules of the Executive Board shall not conflict with those of the club.

Article 6

Duties and Rights of Membership



To obtain the floor before speaking,

To avoid speaking upon any matter until it is properly brought before the organization by a motion,

To yield the floor to all calls of order,

To abstain from all personalities in debate,

To avoid disturbing, in any way, speakers of the assembly.


To offer any motion that is genuine to the organization,

To call to order, if necessary. (A point of order can interrupt a speaker. It is raised to ensure orderly procedure, particularly when there is a breach or violation of the rules or by-laws, or when a member is not speaking of the motion before the organization),

To hold the floor, when legally obtained, until through speaking,

To appeal from the decision of the chair to that of the assembly,

To understand the right, to one vote per membership vi .

Article 7

Rights of Order


The rules of order in “Roberts Rules of Order” shall govern the CSAC in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the by-laws of the organization.

Article 8




The annual dues shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) per member. vii The amount of the dues can be raised provided it is put to a vote at a regular or called meeting and ratified by a two-thirds vote of those present. Dues will run from January to January.


         A. President

             The President shall preside at all meetings of the club and the Executive Board and his purpose will be to:


         Acquire a working knowledge of parliamentary laws and procedures and a thorough understanding of the

        club constitution, by-laws and standing rules of the organization,

        To maintain order,

        To explain and decide all questions of order,

        To announce all business,

        To entertain only one motion at a time,

        To put all motions to a vote and give results; to decide a tie vote or not vote at all,

        To enforce the rules of decorum and discipline,

        To be absolutely fair and impartial,

        To give signature when necessary,

        To be ex officio of all committees, except the nomination committee.

         B. Vice President


        In the absence of the President, shall preside and perform the duties of the President and shall at times render

        assistance to the President.

        C. Recording Secretary

        To keep minutes of all meetings and to submit copies to the CSAC board.

        To keep record of attendance of meetings.

        To read minutes from previous meeting.

        To read important correspondence.

        To record proceedings (what is done), not the debate (what is said).

        To keep all records belonging to the club.

        To record the name of a member who introduces a motion.

        To sign official documents when requested.

        To call the meeting to order, in the absence of the President, Vice President, and to preside until election

        of a President pro-tem, which should take place immediately.


        D. Treasurer

        To keep and bank all moneys due the organization.

        To keep bookkeeping records of such funds.

        To pay whenever possible by check, countersigned by the President and himself.

         To pay bills from officers and committee members only when clearly authorized and when receipts are attached.

        To disclose all moneys as the club directs.

         To give a complete financial report, which has been audited, at the annual meeting.

        *Bond the treasurer and those entrusted with funds.

        To insure all expenditures over fifty dollars are board approved. v

        Article 9



    No amendment to the Constitution, By-laws or Roberts Rules of Order shall be permitted, without         eq     ual notice to the membership and a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.

    Any proposed change must be submitted in writing to the Executive Board and publicly read and      debated with the membership during a regularly scheduled meeting.

     Article 10



        Club Property


        All equipment owned by the CSAC shall be used for official club functions only.

        The Executive board shall be the sole judge of what constitutes as an official club function. Viii

Approved on this _____ day of ______, 20__ *


                        Vice President___________________________________________

                        Recording Secretary______________________________________


i Reworded entire mission statement.

ii Added Officer eligibility statement

iii Changed election date from November to January.

iv. Changed start of fiscal year from May to January.

v. Line added.

vi. Line added.

vii Raised dues from $10.00 to $15.00

viii Added Article 10

ix Added "unless running unopposed" to article 4

* The signed copy is on file with the secretary.