CordrySweetwater Anglers Club


  • Past Champions

2017 Angler of the Year    Charlie Tinkle

2017 Classic Winners       Mallory and Charlie Tinkle

2017 Tue Night League    Mallory and Charlie Tinkle


2016 Angler of the Year   Cam Laliberte/Charlie Tinkle

2016 Classic Winners      Cam Laliberte/Charlie Tinkle

2016 Tue Night League   Rick Normington/Dave Wallace

2015 Angler of the Year   Kevin Stainbrook/Bryan Kalen
2015 Classic Winners      Jason Sneed/Al Taylor
2015 Wed night league   Rick Normington/Dave Wallace

2014 Angler of the Year   Rick Normington/Dave Wallace
2014 Classic Winners     Cam LaLiberte/Charlie Tinkle
2014  Wed night league    Rick Normington/Dave Wallace

2013 Angler of the Year   Bryan Kalen/Kevin  Stainbook    
2013 Classic Winners    Jason Sneed/Nick Velez
2013 Wed night league  Jason Sneed/Nick Velez

2012 Angler of the Year  Jason Sneed/Nick Velez
2012 Classic Winners Al Taylor/Landon Shepperd
2012 Wed night league. Charlie Tinkle/Cam Laliberte
2012 Cordry/Sweetwater Challenge  Team Cordry

2011 Angler of the Year  Charlie Tinkle/Cam Laliberte
2011 Classic Winners. Charlie Tinkle/Cam Laliberte
2011 Wed night league.  Rick Normington/Dave Wallace
2011 Cordry/Sweetwater Challenge  Team Cordry


2010 Angler of the Year.  Chris Kaiser/
2010 Classic Winners. Greg Gant/Al Taylor
2010 Wed night league. Kevin Stainbrook/Levi Smyth
2010 Cordry/Sweetwater Challenge.   Team Cordry

2009 Angler of the Year. Mike & Steve Rohr
2009 Classic Winners. Kevin Stainbrook/Gary Webb
2009 Cordry/Sweetwater Challenge.   Team Sweetwater


2008 Anglers of the year.  Kevin Stainbrook/Gary Webb
2008 Classic Winners.  Charlie Tinkle/Cam Laliberte
2008 Cordry/SweetWater Challenge.       Team Cordry


2007 AOY  Bryce and Bryan Kalen
2007 Classic winners.  Kevin Stainbrook/Gary Webb


2006 AOY  Rick and Chad Normington
2006 Classic winners.  Jim Walters/Tommy Lewis


2005 AOY Kevin Stainbrook/Gary Webb
2005 Classic winner.  Rick Norminton


2004 AOY Jim Walters
2004 Classic  ?


2003 AOY Chip Kauchek
2003 Classic winner Jim Walters


2002 AOY Chip Kauchek 
2002 Classic winners  Rick and Joe Normington

2001 AOY  Brad Stogsdill
2001 Classic winner   Chip Kauchek