CordrySweetwater Anglers Club


  • Past Champions

2018 Angler of the Year  Rodney Gunter/Jason Sneed

2018 Classic Winner       Rodney Gunter/Jason Sneed

2018 Tue Night League  Rodney Gunter/Jason Sneed

2018 USABassin IN 39   Rodney Gunter/Jason Sneed  

2017 Angler of the Year    Charlie Tinkle

2017 Classic Winners       Mallory and Charlie Tinkle

2017 Tue Night League    Mallory and Charlie Tinkle

2017 USABassin IN 39     Charlie Tinkle/Cam LaLiberte


2016 Angler of the Year   Charlie Tinkle/Cam LaLiberte

2016 Classic Winners      Charlie Tinkle/Cam LaLiberte

2016 Tue Night League   Rick Normington/Dave Wallace

2016 USABassin IN 39    Charlie Tinkle/Cam LaLiberte

2015 Angler of the Year   Kevin Stainbrook/Bryan Kalen
2015 Classic Winners      Jason Sneed/Al Taylor
2015 Wed night league   Rick Normington/Dave Wallace
2015 USABassin IN 39    Jason Sneed/Al Taylor

2014 Angler of the Year   Rick Normington/Dave Wallace
2014 Classic Winners     Cam LaLiberte/Charlie Tinkle
2014  Wed night league    Rick Normington/Dave Wallace
2014 USABassin IN 39    Cam LaLiberte/Charlie Tinkle   

2013 Angler of the Year   Bryan Kalen/Kevin  Stainbook    
2013 Classic Winners    Jason Sneed/Nick Velez
2013 Wed night league  Jason Sneed/Nick Velez
2013 USABassin IN 39   Cam LaLiberte/Charlie Tinkle

2012 Angler of the Year  Jason Sneed/Nick Velez
2012 Classic Winners Al Taylor/Landon Shepperd
2012 Wed night league. Charlie Tinkle/Cam Laliberte
2012 Cordry/Sweetwater Challenge  Team Cordry

2011 Angler of the Year  Charlie Tinkle/Cam Laliberte
2011 Classic Winners. Charlie Tinkle/Cam Laliberte
2011 Wed night league.  Rick Normington/Dave Wallace
2011 Cordry/Sweetwater Challenge  Team Cordry


2010 Angler of the Year.  Chris Kaiser/
2010 Classic Winners. Greg Gant/Al Taylor
2010 Wed night league. Kevin Stainbrook/Levi Smyth
2010 Cordry/Sweetwater Challenge.   Team Cordry

2009 Angler of the Year. Mike & Steve Rohr
2009 Classic Winners. Kevin Stainbrook/Gary Webb
2009 Cordry/Sweetwater Challenge.   Team Sweetwater


2008 Anglers of the year.  Kevin Stainbrook/Gary Webb
2008 Classic Winners.  Charlie Tinkle/Cam Laliberte
2008 Cordry/SweetWater Challenge.       Team Cordry


2007 AOY  Bryce and Bryan Kalen
2007 Classic winners.  Kevin Stainbrook/Gary Webb


2006 AOY  Rick and Chad Normington
2006 Classic winners.  Jim Walters/Tommy Lewis


2005 AOY Kevin Stainbrook/Gary Webb
2005 Classic winner.  Rick Norminton


2004 AOY Jim Walters
2004 Classic  ?


2003 AOY Chip Kauchek
2003 Classic winner Jim Walters


2002 AOY Chip Kauchek 
2002 Classic winners  Rick and Joe Normington

2001 AOY  Brad Stogsdill
2001 Classic winner   Chip Kauchek