CordrySweetwater Anglers Club

Membership Renewal

Joining the Anglers Club helps us put on the kids tourney, make fish structure, run this web site, provide a big fish contest and many more things.



(Visit us at or "Google" Cordry Anglers)

1.    You must be a lot owner in the Cordry/Sweetwater Conservancy District to be a VOTING member.
1a   Non lot owners can join in a non voting status to be in the big fish contest and other club events.

2.    The Membership Fee is $15 which covers your entire family

3.    Just fill out the form and send it and a check to the Cordry/Sweetwater

       Angler  Club at, P.O. Box 374 Nineveh, Indiana, 46164

4.    Membership runs from Ox Roast to Ox Roast


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Members Name ____________________________________________________________


Members Address _____________________________________


Lot # _________________  Phone_________________


Please let us know what you are interested in:


Bass Fishing   ___    Blue Gill Fishing  ___    Crappie Fishing  ____

Cat Fishing  ____    Bass Tournaments  ____   Kids Tournament  ____

Fund Raising  ____    Ox Roast  ____  Fish Stocking  ____  

Other  _________________________


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