CordrySweetwater Anglers Club

2/4/18 Anglers club meeting

Meeting started 12:04  11 members present

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s report: The club spent more than it brought in in 2017. $$$ on hand
Kids Tourney report: Will be on July 7th 2018 9am to noon
Ecology: In lieu of the Fish survey and pending CSCD approval. The Club will keep all Largemouth under 13 inches and would encourage all residents to release ALL Bass over 16 inches.

Old business

Donation needed
20 fish structure bought 20 more on the way. Drop date TBA
240 followers on Face Book

New business

Club Board members to remain for 2018
Rick Normington Elected tournament director (unanimous)
Club can be followed on Twitter at CSWanglersclub@Twitter
Scales will be recalibrated
USABassin dates are as followed
4/7 9am to 5pm
5/19 7am to 3pm
6/2 6am to 2pm
7/14 6PM to 2am
8/11 4am to noon
Usabassin requires you to wear a life jacket while big motor is running
Rule 19 Changed to 5$ a boat
Rule 3 modified to AOY determined by Tue night champ vs USAbassin champ at the Classic
Rule 4 modified to A tie in the Tue night divi will be broken at the Classic
Tuesday night league will run from 5/8 to 9/4 (18 events, keep 10 best scores)
“Sportsman of the Year” to be voted on at the Classic
Classic on 9/22
Open events on 4/22 7am to 1pm…7/28(midnight) to 8am Sunday 7/29 Fall TBA

Meeting over at 1:43   CT

1/22/2019 Anglers club meeting 7pm 10 members present
Committee Report
Treasurer Report: $ on hand after upcoming bills paid
Ecology comm: Ask about raising sub 13” Largemouth take limit from 5 to 10 per day.
(It was later noticed that that rule cant be found in the CSCD manual )

 Old Business
Anglers Club donated to 3 local charities for Christmas
Acquire new score sheets
Drop fish structure in March on Cordry

New Business
Modified rule 19 to a 40$ cap for qualified anglers for the Classic
USABassin dates and Tues night league dates approved unanimously
Kids Tourney 7/6
Co-Alliance on as a sponsor again this year
Wed site approved for another 2 years
Talked about increasing BigBass to 50$ per fish (no motion made)
Talked about Tue Night league lake selection (no motion made)
Officers unanimously voted in for another year

 Meeting adjourned 8:10pm


Anglers Club meeting 1/24/2017

Started  7:00pm 9 members present

Comm report

Tres $$$ on account

Old Business

Agreed to a Tuesday night summer league. (EveryTue 5/30 to 9/5)
1 USA Bassin event every month April to August
Discussed 2017 budget

New Business

Renew web site for 2 years
Compact yearly Big Fish contest (1 contest5 categories)
Club will put$150 into Classic pot this year
Entry into Classic is based on finish of Tue night league (rule 19)
Election:Pres Dave Wallace; VP Bob Watson; Tres Charlie Tinkle; Sec Brian Griffith
TBA late Feb meeting

Meeting adjourned 8:20



Anglers Club meeting 2/22/2017

Meeting started at 7:05pm  6 members present

Tres report:  $xxxx

Reading of old minutes

Old business

Need to put USABassin dates on Club web site
Make Catfish/Northern a Big fish division
Web site renewed for 2 years

New business

The 15 event Tue night league will use your best 8 scores to determine standings
Added 3 dates for club open tourneys. 4/22..7/29..10/7
Approved buying more maps for resale
Move forward with petition for Kids tourney money from CSCD
Kids tourney date set for 7/8th
Talked about Ox Roast participation
Fish structure VS adding Small mouth

Discussed keeping only last 3 years bank statements
Meeting adjourned  8:15