Reminder...every RUNT (largemouth under 13") you don't harvest is the runt your gonna catch tomorrow ...(

We have a few hats left for sale 15$

CordrySweetwater Anglers Club

Charlie and Rodney finished 3rd at the USABassin's Directors Cup !

We will be meeting in early February to set the 2020 schedule 


Laminated 2 sided lake fishing hot spot maps are on sale in the CSCD office for $10

Ho...HO...Holy COW! Dyson shatters the lake CATFISH record (held by Rick Plew in 1997 of 21.4oz) Dyson's cat weighted in at over 39 poundsIII

Rodney takes ANGLER of the YEAR for 2019!  He won the Tuesday night divi with Jason and the USABassin divi the Mike

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After every tournament, the club keeps its Bass under 13 inches (per CSCD) and donates them to to help feed/rehabilitate injured bald eagles and other critters. goto there web site to see how u can help....)...thx Randy Brumfield for "hooking" us up!

 2019......... DONT THROW THE RUNTS BACK !....(or that's all we will catch)

  • CSCD approved a slot limit in 2018 for the lakes. If you catch a largemouth UNDER 13" don't throw it back! If its between 13" and 16" it MUST go back in the water. You can keep 1 Big bass BUT the Anglers Club would like to see all BIG BASS photographed and released.(send photo to Anglers Club for posting) Keep 10 Largemouth bass under 13" a day (not small mouth) for the overall health of the lakes.
  • (The latest fish survey indicated there are too many little mouths to feed in the lakes and not enough bigger fish)
  • Request all Small mouth go back in the lake