New for 2018......... DONT THROW THE RUNTS BACK !

  • CSCD approved a slot limit for the lakes. If you catch a largemouth under 13" don't throw it back! If its between 13" and 16" it MUST go back in the water. You can keep 1 Big bass BUT the Anglers club would like to see all BIG BASS photographed and released.(send photo to Anglers Club for posting) see link to resolution 2018-4 for specific info on the 5 fish daily limit.
  • (The latest fish survey indicated there are too many little mouths to feed in the lakes and not enough bigger fish)
  •  We will be dropping more structures
  • The Tuesday night league (OPEN TO ALL) starts May 8th and runs through Labor Day
  • Kids tourney is July 7th !

CordrySweetwater Anglers Club

40+ Kids! participated in our annual Kids Fishing Tourney...Everybody was fed and had fun!.Thanks to the CSCD,Co-Alliance Propane, Club members...Chris Cox,Brian Griffith and his boys,Rick Normington,Charlie Tinkle,Randy Bloomfield,Dave Wallace and Tony Swegman........A lot goes in to make this event possible but we hope even more is passed on.....(goto photo tab for more pics)


It takes about 36 hours for a bass left in your livewell to start to STINK !.....Don't ask me how I know.....

July 1st Indiana passed the "Purple Paint Law" You can now replace NO TRESSPASSING signs with purple paint

Congrats to Dyson and Lucas for the win Tue! We have USABassin this weekend and next Tue at SW


Laminated 2 sided lake fishing hot spot maps are on sale in the CSCD office for $10

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