CordrySweetwater Anglers Club

Tuesday Night league ALL 6pm to 9

April  Sat 11th USA

          Tue 28th SW

MAY 5th Cordry

         Sat 9th USA

         12th SW

          19th Cordry

          26th SW

May 30th EAGLE food open 7am (jackpot)

June 2nd Cordry

         9th SW

         16th Cordry

         23rd SW

         Sat 27th USA

         30th Cordry

July  7th SW

        11th KIDS Tourney

        14th Cordry

         21st SW

        Sat 25th USA

        28th Cordry

Aug 4th SW

        11th Cordry

        Sat 15th USA

        18th SW

        25th Cordry

Sep 1st SW

        8th Cordry

        26th Classic

Club Open events are open to anyone having lake access.

*USABassin events: You must be a USABassin member (click on link below) or Contact IN-39 director at 317-750-0651 or

2020 Schedule


Sat 4/11 9am to 5pm

Sat 5/9  7am to 3pm

Sat 6/27 6pm to 2am

Sat 7/25 5am to 1pm

Sat 8/15 5am to 1pm